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I just bought second license in a week! This script is very easy to use, and if you are a programmer, you can customize it in so many ways. I am very pleased with the auto generated code that you can copy and paste easily on your product site. The best thing that I've not seen in other script is, you can create multiple product in the script and use the code in multiple site. Keep up the good work and I hope I will see some great updates soon.
- Fared, Lamanweb Solutions - https://www.lamanweb.com
I use Maian Music and Maian Affiliate, they work in conjunction with each other and I have found them really helpful for me. The support is second to none. The free trial is a super idea to test out if any of the Maian software is suitable for your use. I purchased commercial licences for my Maian software, low cost, good value and I highly recommend the products and the company.
- Denis Steer

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