While I make every effort to be sure that you are going to be happy with Maian Affiliate, I cannot guarantee that it will be workable for you on your system. Prior to spending the money to buy this product, please be certain that it will work on your system.

To purchase a commercial licence for Maian Affiliate, please review the options below:

If you live in the E.U, tax will be applied on checkout at your countries tax rate. No tax is applied to countries outside of the E.U or the United Kingdom.

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Single Licence

£ 49.95 (Plus Tax if applicable)

  • Single domain / Unlimited sub domains
  • One purchase = Free upgrades for life
  • 3 months free personal support. Can be renewed at any time. More Info
  • Copyright removal allowed
  • Generate licence immediately after payment
  • Bulk purchase discount (see below)
  • Licence Information

White Label Licence

£ 699.00 (Plus Tax if applicable)

  • Unlimited domains
  • 100% source code access
  • Sell as your own software
  • 3 months free personal support. Can be renewed at any time. More Info
  • Free upgrades for life
  • Activation prior to agreement confirmation
  • Licence Information


A commercial licence does not include free installation. If you require installation, you`ll need to purchase the installation service. Click here for more information.

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3 Months Personal Support

Prices include 3 Months FREE Personal Support. More Information.

Save Up To 40% with Software Bundles

Get big discounts when you purchase 2 or more Maian Script World products. This offer does not include white label licences. More info here.

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