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[+] Added [*] Updated [-] Bug Fix

Version 1.0 (30/10/2018):
[+] Initial Release Version

Latest Version - v1.1 - Coming Soon

The next release is being prepared. Here`s what new:

New in v1.1

- Added option to add custom admin pages. Useful for backend information in a secure area for yourself or clients
- Added support for PHP mail function
- In admin CP you can now re-order the main off canvas menu. Options you don't need can also be hidden.
- Added basic captcha option if cleanTalk is not enabled or is not used.
- API update. Added new calls to get commission, payment, affiliate and referral data. Useful if you want to implement tiers in your products.
- Added http/https protocol option for base path and social links to prevent mod_security issues
- Added optional Privacy Policy for account creation

Updated or Removed

- Updated PHPMailer to latest stable release (6.2.0)
- Added more controls to admin WYSIWYG editor including image, media, link, colour and formatting options
- Improvements to error and exception handling
- Removed Google+ meta tags due to closure of social network
- Updated API to kill any sessions created by API call as these are not necessary
- Documentation updated. 404 links removed or updated and typos fixed.
- Added official support for PHP7.4*
- Updated jQuery javascript library (3.5.1)
- Updated upgrade routines to auto switch system off during upgrade.
- Updated Bootstrap library (3.4.1)
- Update trumbowyg jquery plugin (2.21.0)
- Import and export routines now use the system temporary folder. This is auto cleared by the garbage collector and is used for better performance.
- Security enhancement. Backup folder path must explicitly be set in admin CP now for security.
- Removed LOAD DATA INFILE function for affiliate imports due to too many errors.
- Updated Codebird Twitter library (4.0)
- Added official support for PHP8.0*

Bug Fixes

- Fixed a couple of issues related to affiliate referrals
- Fixed bug that prevented affiliate referrals from being deleted in admin CP

Last updated: 23 January 2021
Release Date: Coming Soon
Please do not contact me about the release date, thank you.


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