Maian Affiliate

Language Packs - v1.1

Only language packs shown here are available. All are in Zip format. Refer to the readme file in the Zip file for installation instructions.

If you have translated Maian Affiliate and would like to share your translation, please contact us.

Please only contact us if you have completed translations, thank you. Free licences are offered for completed translations.

Portuguese (Portugal)

Submitted by: MD5: 78FB679785904A01CC8BD71B1941CB5B
SHA1: 92A5146C4E786D2FAF5FC13C11AB95DE83BCD122

Portuguese (Brazil)

Submitted by: MD5: 3AD4F44ABFA182285A068669A977C3E9
SHA1: 3AC94CF6A7DC56EE8F8F4ADB97E12257F9B28D88